Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yeah, it's early but it's on a freakin' Monday this year.....

The first Monday of Holy Week?! The last week of Lent, when we're not supposed to have any fun at all?!

Sorry, but that's just wrong.

Here's my obligatory Irish Music contribution: The Chieftains & The Corrs; great music and hot Irish chicks!

And if you like that..... or not ;-)

Planxty, in 1979, singing one of my all-time favorite songs, "The Frost Is All Over"

For my friend Petey, who loves to sing sea chanties, more Planxty singing, "Sally Brown".

And for some kick-ass uillean pipe & bodhran playin', yet more Planxty from 1980.

(I wish I'd known about this stuff back in 1980!)

Here's one I just found, one of my most favorites to sing at rendezvous, "The Little Drummer", by, you guessed it, Planxty.

Christy Moore is singing..... when he had the hair of an oompa loompa.... ;-)

Ya gotta love the voice, though.

Well, I 'spose I should call it quits for now, but before I do, having recently learned of the death of one of Irish music's greatest singers, Tommy Makem, on August 2nd of last year, I found a song that he sang with The Clancy Brothers, and one that I want sung at my wake, "Isn't it Grand Boys". God bless ya, Tommy.

I obviously can't end on a sad note, so here's The Chieftains with Earl Scruggs, the best banjo picker I've ever heard.

(And who can be sad with a well plucked banjo around?)

And finally....

Well, almost....

The Chieftains & Altan.

Now for the last tune,

(No, really...)

I have got to end with a bodhran solo.

The incomparable Joe John Kelly!

Have a grand St. Paddy's Day!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Blame Snoofy!

When Snoofy was younger, she liked unicorns. As lots of girls do.

Now she's older, & it seems she's developed my sense of humor.

So.... My sense of humor + a young girl's love of unicorns = what Snoofy found on you-tube.

Blame who you will. *grin!*