Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

For the first time in 2 weeks, I have internet. Don't know what the problem was... don't care... it's working for now.

I hope all had a blessed Christmas & I wish everyone a happy 2009.

Speaking of blessed Christmas's, this Christmas was an unexpected surprise. Things hadn't been going well financially in the Bodhran home & The Wife & I weren't planning on doing much for the kids this year..... just couldn't afford to.

Well, it seems that someone in our church happens to work in a parochial school here in town. Every year, this lady's school collects donations (in gift form) for a family "down on its luck" so that those kids can have something under the tree come Christmas morning.

Usually, the kids sponsored are from one of the poorer schools in town, but this year she decided to sponsor a Catholic family down on its luck from her church.....


When I found out (The Wife called me at my part-time job) I was speechless. Couldn't say a word.

This wonderful lady showed up at our door with 2 large plastic bags FULL of gifts for my children.

Now let me say The Wife & I aren't "destitute".... yet -- each kid had a couple gifts from us & Santa, & if our friend had asked us beforehand, I would've told her that we were alright & asked her to find someone who "really needed it".

Turns out, I really did need it.

For so long now, I've only focused on how rotten people are; selfish, rotten creeps.

This teacher from our church, her students & their parents have made me completely rethink how I view others. I can't assume that people are bad or self-serving when I'm confronted with such kindness from total strangers, & I'll never see others in that dark light again.

I received the best gift of all this year. I've had the burden of bitterness lifted from my heart. While there is still evil in the world, there are a whole lot of folks out there who are willing to make sacrifices for complete strangers, folks who care enough for their fellow man that they give of their time & money so that kids they'll probably never meet can have something to unwrap on Christmas morning. That means more to me than anyone can ever know.

There is more love in this world than I've ever wanted to believe was there.

Anyway, I pray everyone has a truly wonder-filled 2009!