Monday, April 16, 2007

I'd Rather Be Working...

But here I am. At home.

I like what I do - I enjoy driving all over the place, delivering goods that folks need all around the country. I love the fact that I can drive a truck by myself, with no one breathing down my neck, telling me what I'm doing wrong & being a general pain in my ass.

At least, I like it when I can do it!

For the past couple of months, we drivers had been told that the company's gained some new clients & that some of our existing clients were expanding, meaning that we would be moving more freight than last year.


Where the fuck is it!!??

Nobody knows.......

All I know is, I'm not making any money sitting here at home

(or sitting in the shop. I can - and have - sat at the shop all day long & not made a dime 'cause nothing's moving.)

I absolutely HATE the idea of having to find yet another, different job!

It's just depressing to me, because I know the only things available to me are meaningless factory jobs, or working on shipping docks.

(Now, I know there are some who enjoy their factory or dock jobs & that's GREAT! I'm just not one of them.)

Unfortunately, what I REALLY want to do for a living isn't available to me at all.........

Being a singer and bodhranii in a Celtic band.

Pfffah. That's a dead dream.....

Oh well, I should get on with the oh-so-fulfilling laundry as long as I'm home.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Tartan Day 2007!!!

Wow. My First Gathering of the Blogs!

In honor of Tartan Day, & because I'm such a HUGE fan of Scottish music, I found a couple of clips I thought appropriate, about the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming.

I'm nothing if not educational.

And this:

Hae a bonny day!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another Great Scot's Band

Found some more great Scot's music:

The Battlefield Band.

Sit back. Enjoy. Dance, if you want...

Never Let It Be Said That.....

I'm not fair.

Did a little Google Search for the Crann Tara, or the "Fiery Cross", & found two results that interested me for different reasons.

This one here, which for Wikepedia, surprised me by actually sticking to an historic perspective (although, they just had to put photos of Klansmen around a fiery cross), & this one, which is a long, drawn out, socialist propaganda piece about how the racists of Scotland have infiltrated "The Right" of this country in the government and the eeeeevil Christian Church, & brought the Burning Cross from Over the Water in order to terrorize "people of color".

Weel obviously, th' rrrreason therrrre ain't many Negrrroes in Scotland is 'cuz my ancient rrrracist kinfolk hanged 'em a'!

[Redneck-Scottish accent impersonated]

The reason that there are (or were) few Blacks in Scotland couldn't have been because, simply, BLACKS DIDN'T LIVE THERE!!!!!!!!!

(Bigoted assholes usurped the Crann Tara the same way they hijacked the C.S.A's Naval Jack, & turned it into a symbol of hate.)

In other words, it's pure vapid socialist puke.

But I'm being "fair" by linking to an actual historic reference, as well as to some dipshit communist piece of crap that tries to pass as history.

This is the first & only time I'll be "fair" here. I damn near vomited with the effort.

Besides, "fairness" is only a complexion.

The Gaitherin'

You (both) may have noticed the Scot's rampant lion flag in my sidebar.

I 'spose I should 'splane

The Gathering of the Blogs is tomorrow. For more information, check out Absinthe & Cookies.

Now, I've never done this before, but I think even I can't screw this up.


Can anyone tell me how to get the Blogroll thingie to work?

Damn it..... Why do I do this???


Well, that took some time. Added the Blogroll to my sidebar..... the long way.....

I need a smoke.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A' The Blue Bonnets (Are Over The Border)

This is from an old recording of "The Corries" that I have got to learn!

Do you see the size of that bodhran?!

lyrics to, "A' the Blue Bonnets"

Mairch! Mairch! Ettrick and Tevot-dale,
Why my lads dinna ye march forward in order
Mairch! Mairch! Eskdale and Liddesdale!
A’ the blue bonnets are over the border!

Monys a banner spread,
Flutters above yer head,
Monys a crest that is famous in story,
Mount and make ready then,
Sons o’ the mountain glen,
Fight for the King and the old Scottish glory!


Cam frae the hills where the hirsels are grazing,
Cam frae the glen o' the buck and the roe;
Cam tae the crag where the beacon is blazing;
Cam wi' the buckler, the lance, and the bow!


Trumpets are soundin',
War steeds are boundin'.
Stand tae yer airms and mairch in guid order!
England shall manys a day,
Speak o' the bloody fray,
When the blue bonnets cam over the border!

Chorus x2

Scottological Humour

Heh, heh, heh.......

Just watch.....

And this. It's a little game they call, "Stump the Piper":

FYI, they're the Tartan Terrors, found at a Ren Faire near you.


(Hell, I don't know where you are, I'm just sayin'.......)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bagpipes, Lawnmowers, & Sith Lords

Yes, that's right.....

The sound of the motor is the perfect drone!

Can't understand why the driver's wearing the helmet, though.

Unless it's the short mower.....

And now this guy....

What could I possibly add??

A Good Scottish Beat

Tartan Day falls on the 6th of this month, & so to celebrate this part of my heritage, I'll post what I can find relating to things Scottish.

I'll start with this one, just to prove to someone that not all Scots lack rhythm. ;^)

I'm only sorry this clip isn't longer.