Monday, September 22, 2008

Now With 100% More Shirt!

So, Saturday I loaded up with Contagion, his boy Boopie, & Shadoglare, and went down to Ottawa, IL. for some shootin' fun. I'd never been to the Buffalo Range before and I'm glad I went. The Plinkin' Pit rocks! Folks bring whatever they want - except metal, glass or toxic items - to place in the pit, & then shoot it.

Target of choice on this occasion.... Somebody's old printer. Watching chunks fly off that printer while hitting it with 7.62 x 54 rounds fired from Contagion's Mosin Nagant made me giggle like a little girl! I learned a couple valuable lessons also:

1. The mosin kicks like a fucking mule, as the bruises on my shoulders will attest, &

2. When firing the mosin, or any bolt action rifle, left handed, make sure your left thumb is well out of the way when working the bolt with your right hand. That mother'll slice it quite nicely.

As fun as it is to shot, I think I only put 30 rounds through that Mosin, mostly for reason #1.

The AK-47 now..... I wish I'd had at least another 300 rounds for that. Gawd, is it nice to shoot! I can see why a lot of AK shooters wear gloves though... That fore grip gets fucking hot!

The Walther PPK now, I think I was the only one who enjoyed firing that little gun. I didn't have the problem of "slide bite" that some complain about, & I wasn't overly concerned about hitting targets with it (most targets were at least 100 feet away, & it's only good for the first 50 or so), but for close up, it's not a bad little pistol.

The .357 was fun as well, but the newest love of my life?

The Colt .45 model 1991. That's about the most accurate I've ever shot with a pistol. There is nothing I don't like about that gun; the way it sits in the had, the ease of operation, everything.

I've got to get me one o' those!

We left the range around 2 I think, & headed back to Contagion's to find his lovely wife Ktreva, along with lovely Wil, Red, & Petey in the backyard, partaking of adult beverages.

Stuff gets fuzzy from there.... Graumagus showed up, as did Bruce & I think at least another 30 people....

Hell, I don't know....

I know that I'd brought the bodhran down & Petey & I sang some songs. I think I got ass-punched a couple times.

And yes, at one point I removed my shirt. Wouldn't you if it was covered in various and sundry stomach fluids & snot?

Not my most dignified moment.... Oh no....

Bottom line, we all had a good time & though I didn't feel up to blogging much (read: "I didn't want to yack on someone's laptop) I'm looking forward to Blogcrawl '09.....

Probably as a Designated Driver....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blogcrawl 2008

Yeah. It's happenin'.

I should probably wait till I'm sober......

I'm shirtless , I'm drunk.... that's all I should say right now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change Is Hard.

Which is why I prefer bills.

*rim shot*

Yeah, I know....

Really though, for me change has always been difficult.

I'm not talking about the empty "promise" of change proclaimed by the liberal's mulatto messiah currently running for president, but actual life altering change.

Tomorrow I go to a local college to speak with an adviser about returning to school for my teaching degree.

I'm looking forward to it, don't get me wrong. This is a good thing; an end to my loooong series of dead end jobs; the first step to an actual career.

I just know it won't be easy. I just turned 38, I have a wife and 4 kids & I have to get a job to work around whatever hellish schedule I'm about to subject myself to......

But I can't let those things stop me. I'm done with excuses & I'm finally going to go through with it.

It's just scary for me, ya know?

I'd appreciate prayers, good thoughts, whatever sort of karmic support I can get.

Thanks in advance. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 + 7

Remember this?

And this?

Remember them, the heroes who ran in, many to their deaths, while everyone else ran out, .....

and the prayers the survivors offered up to their Lord on that day & after?

Remember the barbarians who did it.....

and the barbarians who celebrated their "triumph"?

Remember the victims....

and the families they left behind?

Remember those who fight so that this never happens again?