Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Howlin' Good Time!

Took The Wife to Wolf Park this past weekend in Battle Ground, IN.

It was beyond GREAT! Cold as all hell, but GREAT, nonetheless!

What impressed me the most was the fact that there was no Disneyfication about wolves (which, I admit, I half expected). For example, when a wolf looks longingly and lovingly at your small child, it's not because it thinks the child is a pup to be nurtured by the pack.... It's because he looks like a tasty morsel! That, boys and girls, is because a wolf is a WILD ANIMAL, and should be treated with respect, not as a fluffy house pet!

The wolves are absolutely beautiful. Watching them interact with staff members and each other (and us bloggers, albeit through the fence) was neat.

The staff at Wolf Park are fantastic! Their love, devotion, and commitment to their charges is readily apparent, and their knowledge of wolves and canids in general is boundless. They never seemed to tire of our questions and told many stories about the various wolves that were informative, and often, funny too. The Wife and I can't WAIT to go back! Uh, when it's warmer of course.... ;^)

Now, I can't forget the wonderful folks The Wife and I saw again, and met for the first (but certainly not last) time:

Firstly, Laughing Wolf : Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the wonderful time. We really can't wait to come back and next time, we'll bring the kids; they've inherited the love of wolves (and animals in general) that The Wife and I have.

Contagion & Ktreva: It's always fun around you guys, but really Contagion, get over the shyness.... It's embarrassing.... ;^)

Tammi: You may be a self-professed girlie-girl, but there's nothing fru-fru about you! You're a stitch to hang around with, although you seem to have this strange phobia about loins.... You kept saying "LALALALALALA!" when the subject came up.

You're saying it now, aren't you? ;^)

T1G: I was surprised you knew who I was, before we'd even met! You must be Jeebus! You're coming along, next time there's shootin' to be done, aren'tcha?

Oddybobo: 'Twas a pleasure meeting you! One of the most cheerful people I've ever met, but your knowledge of kimchee (sp), frankly, is frightening. Dang it, now it's something I've got to try along with lutefisk and haggis (though not all at the same time - Blech!)!

Machelle: Although I only saw half of your face the entire time, I really enjoyed meeting you. We didn't get to chat much, regretably, but I figured you're even more bashful than Contagion, so that's OK.... :^)

Bloodspite & Spouse: A Southern gentleman if ever there was one, and with a very charming Better Half. I don't think The Wife ever had a man tip his hat and say, "Pleasure, ma'am." upon introduction. I didn't get to spend alot of time chatting (again, to my regret), but there will be other times, I'm sure.

Harvey & TNT: Always a pleasure seeing you Harvey, and the lovely and gracious TNT! Again, regretfully, I didn't get to spend alot of time with you beyond The Bow upon entering.

Hey, I know my place... Heh...

I'd also like to recommend TC's Restaurant & Tavern in Battle Ground to anyone in the area of the Wolf Park. The service was terrific and the food.... the best around! I suggest the catfish, myself..... MMmmmm.....

*wiping drool* Sorry.

If I've forgotten anybody, please know it's not intentional. Just shoot me a line and I'll correct the unintentional but egregious error on my part.


At some point.

Take care y'all, until we meet again,



  1. Cheerful? Jeebus! Why does everyone think I'm so cheerful?

  2. Man, just sugar coat the event. Let the truth out man!

  3. It was good to meet you two, and I am glad you had a good time. Come back down anytime!


  4. What was that, Oddy? Oh... okay. Nevermind.

    It was a pleasure to meet you two, Wes! Yeah. I'll be going shooting with ya next time fo sho.



    And you look really great in pants!!

  6. FINALLY!!! I found him!!!!! Shesh now I can give you that Link!