Friday, February 22, 2008

He's Here!!!

When I'm more semi-conscious I'll be more detailed with the goings-on of the day, but for now I'll say that my newest youngling, D.W., was born by C-section, at 5:39pm on this day after more than 24 hours of hard labor.
He weighs 8lbs., 12oz. , (the heaviest of our babies) & is 19" long (the shortest of our babies).

He's built like a little bulldog. Too cute, if I may say so....

The Wife is doing well, considering the special hell she went thru, but I'll get into that when I'm not falling asleep at the keyboard.

She's good, he's good, it's ALL good!

Good night, ya'll.


  1. Congrats to you all!!!

    D.W., huh? Really... naming your new son after my blog, while an honor, is a little strange. I'd reconsider, before he grows into it!

  2. Great big congrats for you.

    Have a good cigar, and revel in the joy.

  3. Bruce: THANKS!!!! :-)

    Petey: Oh, I'm reveling on the inside. I'll revel on the outside in a few days. ;-)

    T1G: OMG, that's funny! Guess I'll have to call him something else here -- he's much too young to be "Drunken" yet... ;-D

  4. What a wonder-filled time it is when a new addition arrives.
    Best Wishes to ALL~h

  5. Wil & Red says
    Congrats on the addition to the family. Just don't let him wear any of those funny blue hats like some of the other guys in the group!

  6. Thanks Will & Red, but I wouldn't let my Jacobite younglings wear any other color bonnet, especially not that crappy Brit-red... ;-)

  7. red says
    You forgot Wes I'm like Nessa. I don't wear a proper hat and let sex rays shine!

  8. Red: Looove the sex rays! :-D