Monday, November 24, 2008

Wow... I've Never Been FIRED Before....

Had a great weekend.

Woke up Saturday morning about 4am projectile vomiting.

I don't recommend it.

Had a couple friends come over

one stayed -- God knows why -- and one who did the sensible thing & left).

Was feeling better this morning so I went to work.

another hour later because, once again, my hours were cut.

I'm talking to another driver, who I'm surprised to see, hadn't left the dock yet. She's had her hours cut also, but
now she's waiting for her truck to get back, & it's an hour late. She had 5 deliveries to make between Oregon, IL., Sterling, Loves Park, & then several pickups between Freeport & .......

I'll just say she didn't know how she was going to meet her deadline, 'K?

I mentioned something about "this fucked up company going down in flames".

Well, my boss (uh,
former boss) came out of his office asking what I meant about him going down in flames. I told him I wasn't talking about him, I was talking about the company

(Straight Shot Express.... like I give a fuck anymore)

going down in flames because of a lack of planning, poor upper managerial skills -- on the part of those in Neenah, WI.-- & poor marketing on the part of the Sales Dept.

I also told him that conversations I have with other people don't concern him.

He starts in with "you don't do anything around here & when you finally get work you bitch about it!", to which I reply "that's bullshit and you know it!" & "so it's My fault we don't have enough customers anymore and you've cut 2-1/2 total hours from my work day?!"

That's about the time he gets IN MY FACE, which REALLY pisses me off, especially when he accuses
me of getting in his face.

Other things were said, including: (me) "Friday's my last day. I'm thru with this fucking place", & (he) "What!?" & after some more indecipherable cussing on his part, I added, "Keep being a prick, ya cocksucker, and I'm done now!!"

Can ya guess what he said then?

"You called me a name! YOU'RE FIRED!!"

(me) "After all the names you've called your employees, AND ME, you're firing me for calling you a name!?"

(him) "I've never called anybody names!"

(me, laughing) "You're telling me that you've never called Gerald a 'stupid motherfucker'? You're telling me you've never called damn near every other driver here a 'lazy son-of-a-bitch? You're a cocksucker AND A FUCKING LIAR, TOO!!"

So here I am... Fired...

It doesn't feel all that bad. I mean, I'm not rushing to tell The Wife, but I've already got a lead on another job 2 hours later, & I'm starting college on the 20th of January. I would've been done with that cocksucker anyway!

Now I can call DOT & report the various violations that're on-going at Cheap Shit Express (the squatter living in the Men's room, the unsafe conditions of the trucks, the fact that Stan let's non-CDL drivers drive Class B straight trucks....)

Well, I'd better get back to that job application. Looks like I'll be cleaning schools again.

Roll on!


  1. Ouch.

    Out of work sucks. Bad.

    Spent 5 moths in non-consecutive stints on unemployment from March 2007 to September 2008.

    Blows goats.

    But, with a CDL, you'll find something.

  2. That's just it though; with school in the offing, I have to be home -- no over the road & no morning jobs, which is when most local driving companies begin their days.

    Also, most other driving companies around here are in the same sorry state as SSE, what with businesses constantly laying people off & all. The demand just isn't here.

    I've filled out apps. for a couple of janitorial positions - 2nd shift- one of which I've worked for before, cleaning schools. As a 2nd shift "floater" I can work all the hours I need, leaving plenty of time for studies & the occasional Friday off for 'vousing. I just have to wait for the background check to come back in a few weeks.

    But you're absolutely right.... It blows big, smelly, shaggy, horny goats.

  3. I worked for Straight Shot Express in Schofield and it is about time someone starts exposing these guys. Their hiring tactics and how they conduct themselves should never, ever be allowed. I totally agree with you!!! I hope this company gets its day because they deserve to be checked on and reported for all the dirty rotten things they have done to employees.

  4. I am still bitter that I wasted my time going back their to work for those unethical people in Schofield, WI. (and a 4th time of all things) They don't even have a record of me working there the very first time. Then they have you sign a 50 to 70 page employment contract and try to make people pay for their equiment that breaks down (plus I bet they are getting insurance money on top of that). They are continuously hiring people that they have a revolving door on the front of the building and the back..(not really) but that is how they treat employees. Plus, my coworker had a toxic personality and alot of other things wrong. Well enough venting for now. Wish people could be WARNED about working there.