Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm a Bad Blogger......

No excuses.

Just haven't felt like it.

I have been busy since my last post:

I've been working more, which is a good thing;

Went to a lame-assed re-enactment in Ft. Atkinson, WI. To be fair, it wasn't a total wash. Contagion, my favorite surly Scot & Ktreva, his lovely bride, and Clone (my favorite proto-surly-Scot) were there, and we made our own fun. Not to mention that I received my Potawatomi name, Sengo. Read all about it, as told by Contagion, aka Seamus MacPhail.

And no, Sengo does NOT mean "asshole"..... I looked it up.

Let's see, what else.....

I had an absolute blast with Contagion at a couple of Raptor's games.

Thanks again, dude!!

Just this past weekend, The Wife and I took the kids down to their Memaw's & Pawpaw's (my parents' place downstate) for the month of July.... Now it's quiet in the house....

too bloody quiet...

It's only been two days & I miss the hell out of them!

Geeze, I'm forgetting something, I know I am.....


The Wife and I are expecting.

I knew I was forgetting something!


  1. For the love of jebus... you have more spawn coming?!?!?! This solidifies my belief that you are trying to breed your own Celtic band.

  2. Contagion: The thought had crossed my mind. I'd *have* to breed my own Irish musicians around this.... town.

    Shadoglare: *just shaking head* ;-)

  3. Congrats! It's about damn time one of my buds gets as little of sleep as I do! Heheheh

  4. grau, thanks, but what is this "sleep" you speak of? ;-)

  5. Congrats!! Now you have to buy 2 seats at the Raptors games next year!

  6. WooHoo! I'm late to the party but that doesn't diminish how happy I am for y'all!!!


  7. How wonderful, congratulations! h~

  8. Thanks all!!!

    *still wondering who 'h~'is*